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LR 1978-1.jpeg
LR 1978-2.jpeg

La Romanesca

Amor e Guerra

La Romanesca’s debut performance.

Opening concert of the first La Romanesca Subscription Series. St Mary’s Anglican Church, North Melbourne. 6 May 1978


LR 1980.jpg

Publicity photograph. Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne,  c.1980. Photo Peter Harvey Wright

LR 1983 ABC studios.jpeg

Live to air radio broadcast from the ABC Rippon Lea Studios. c.1988.

LR 1982.jpg

Publicity photo for La Romanesca's first European Tour in 1983.

La vaga luce

A performance of a stunning ballata by Don Paolo da Firenze. Performed by Hartley Newnham, Simon Biazek and John Griffiths on an ABC TV program from the late 1980s about Melbourne patron Louise Hanson Dyer, the press she founded in Paris, Editions de l’Oiseau-Lyre, and the participation of La Romanesca in the Fourteenth Century Recording Project that aimed to record and document over one hundred of the unrecorded songs edited in the series Polyphonic Music of the Fourteenth Century

LR 1987.jpeg

Melbourne, c. 1987

LR 1988.jpg

York Festival, University of Western Australia, 1989


LR 1992 colour.jpeg

Iberian Triangle

Photograph of La Romanesca, part of the cover art in the group's 1992 CD Iberian Triangle

Iberian Triangle.PNG

La Romanesca performing in the wonderful natural amphitheatre at the Four Winds Festival at Bermagui on the New South Wales south coast on 11 April 1993.

LR 1993-2.jpeg
LR 1993-3.jpeg
LR 1993-1.jpeg


LR 2012-1.jpg
LR 2012-2.jpg

La Romanesca on tour in southern Queensland in March 2012

LR 2014.jpg

In Melbourne in July 2014 

Two snippets from an iPhone recording on 8 December 2018 at Farm Vigano, in Melbourne's north. The first is a fragment of "Ben Aindi Habibi" [see Iberian Triangle] and the second is the dance from "En o sagrado Vigo" the sixth of the seven Cantigas de Amigo of Martin Codax [see Monodies].

yet to be uploaded

LOVE LYRICS & ROMANCES — ABC television broadcast 1980

LA ROMANESCA IN VENICE — 1986 at I Frari and the Venice Conservatorium

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